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In 1999 Go srl (ltd) opened its first venture, the Hotel City Guest House ( in Rome. A growing demand for Vacation Rentals in Rome lead us in 2002 to start spin off business for vacation rentals, and opened an office and portal called, with a small number of apartments located in Rome's historical center. The business has been steadily growing for the past ten years, we now manage over 200 apartments. 

In 2007 our company CEO saw an opportunity to open a restaurant in Rome, right next to the hotel. The restaurant Accasadi ( is now the most popular restaurant in the Tuscolana district.

In 2012 we decided to "re-brand" our business with a solid investment in the website usability and looks, choosing a name that would distinguish itself from competition and better explain its core business: was born.

Today it's a leader in its sector. 
Since 2002 we have helped thousands of people book apartments and enjoy their stay in Rome, Florence, Venice and other Italian cities. Our experience and understanding of the market sets us apart from our competitors. 
The latest technology... with a personal touch Technology defines our product but people are at the core of our business. 
We have built a bespoke booking management system (My Bookings) that allows our customers to keep track of their bookings as well as unique functions such as our Request a bargain! tool. 
But even the best solutions are as good as the people supporting them. This is why we have invested as much in our staff as in our technology. We are open 7 days a week That's because people need assistance on weekends too (a simple fact ignored by many other agencies). 
Our office is based at the City Guest House, our 'big sister' company, so you can rest assured that we are experts in hospitality. An Italian company with an international mind set Given the reputation of Italian operators we decided to adopt business practices you can expect in countries such as the UK, US and Germany. This means honesty, efficiency, communicating effectively and commitment to a high standard customer care. 
We are real
These days anyone can set up a web site and pretend to be an agency. You may well be able to book an apartment easily, but what you don't get is proper customer care. And if anything goes wrong... good luck trying to get a refund. We are real. is a registered business with real premises and full time staff you can contact 7 days a week. 

The management team consists of: 

Giuliano Bettini - Founder & Business Development 

Dott. Marzio Pennechini - Finance Accounts 

Dott.ssa Olinda Baiardo - 

Accounts Bozena Syzka - 

House keeping Alessandra Danese - 

Valentina Margherita - Pricing & Sales 

Ana Kihtiri -  Bookings & Customer care

Silvia Bucciarelli- Administration

Bianca Tramontano - Bookings - German- French speaking expert


Secret Key - SEO & SEM

Giuliano Bettini
He's half Italian and half New Zealander but grew up in Rome
Spoken languages: italian, english, french and a little spanish
Preferred spot in Rome: Off the beaten tracks: Pigneto the NY "Village" in Rome; Garbatella: the real mccoy; Testaccio: clubbing spot; Monti :the new cool.
Preferred sentence
about travelling:
Whatever you do, do it intensely
Valentina Margherita
She's from Rome, has always been living in Italy, moved to Padova for some years and then back to Rome again
Spoken languages: Italian, English, French
Preferred spot in Rome: the magic alleys of Monti, authentic heart of Rome
Preferred sentence
about travelling:
The journey not the arrival matters ( T. S. Eliot)
Ana Zaloshvili
She's from Georgia and lives in Rome since seven years
Spoken languages: Italian, English, Russian, Georgian
Preferred spot in Rome: The Colosseum and Roman Forum, feels like being in ancient Rome
Preferred sentence
about travelling:
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things (Henry Miller)
Silvia Bucciarelli
She's from Rome, has always been living here but experienced one year living in Washington D.C.
Spoken languages: italian, english, a little French
Preferred spot in Rome: the wonderful gardens of Villa Borghese, a relaxing oasis in the crowded center
Preferred sentence
about travelling:
A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it (John Steinbeck)
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